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Monstera deliciosa small form 'Borsigiana Variegata'

Mass planted on the 'Living Wall of Aroids' growing in high humidity with advanced root system securing roots the felt wall.

Humidity is controlled by digital sensors measuring both light intensity and air temperature and adjusts the fogging rate as these environmental factors vary.

Organic based liquid fertilisers, inoculant and a wide range of minerals and trace elements, are applied via a fertigation system to ensure development and spatial distribution of aerial roots of maturing Monstera deliciosa small form 'Borsigiana Variegata' growing on the Living Wall of Aroids.

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High Variegation

Variegation is a result of natural genetic mutation, a Chimera, affecting chlorophyll production, stoping some of the cells from naturally producing chlorophyll, which is what makes creates variegation.

Every leaf of a variegated Monstera will unfurl with a new varied and delightful pattern

Variegated can vary extensively from marbeling, dramatic sectional variegation or even the coveted ‘half-block’ variegation!

Genetic Mutation

Variegation is unique to the plant, from speckles, marbling to completely white leaves.

Because variegation in Monsteras is due to a genetic mutation, it is also a relatively unstable trait, and the Monstera can often revert with stem cuttings.

Only the most highly variegated stem cutting are propagated to ensure genetic mutation is maintained

Araceae - Part of our continuing education program.

Following our successful program with our Living Wall of Aroids and Araceae Cloud Forest, we are sharing some of our experiences with Enthusiasts and Collectors.

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